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Eleanor’s Retirement Home

12315 NW 23 Avenue

Miami, FL, 33167

(305) 688-0759

“Your Home Away From Home”

Our vision is to provide a very special care for seniors needing assisted living in the state of Florida. This care will include a limited number of private and semi-private rooms for residents and also senior daycare. We see ourselves as a business which is designed to destroy the myth or neglect and unconcern about the care given to seniors and those needing ALF.


Our facility is licensed, reliable, clean, and have a wholesome environment. We have a highly skilled staff on duty 24 hours daily. The staff physician is on call and available upon request. Prior to admission, each resident is evaluated for medical needs, services, and special comforts for their well being. The resident’s quality of life is our concern, therefore if we are unable to provide the service the applicant requires, we will refer them to another facility or agency.
We are also involved with community oriented programs which encourage our residents and other seniors to continue to be active to maintain their quality of life and well being.


Our recreation room is the center of activities. It is where we conduct our exercise program, arts and crafts, games, birthday parties and other activities.
We also provide other curricular activities: trips to the shopping mall, stores, churches, and community activities.